Friday, 22 March 2013


Today we did a Easter egg hunt at school. Primary 6 students with all the pre-primary children were finding different clues, following them and at the end they found what they were looking for, the chocolate eggs. It was a very exciting activity for the older and the younger students.The clues were in different places at the school ( the library, the English classroom, the 3,4,5-years-old classrooms, the pre-primary playground and the secretary's office). At the end all the groups (red, yellow, green, blue and orange) found and ate the eggs. Congratulations!!!
When they finished this egg hunt they went to the gym and played different games related to Easter.

THANK YOU EVERYONE: all the children (they were very nice and polite) and all the teachers:
Pedro for preparing all the games, having this good idea and cheering me all the time.
Begoña and Maria for being with their groups and look after them.
Alicia for buying the eggs and being with her group.
Angeles for preparing these beautiful Bunny baskets.
Oliva for cheering me and helping me to prepare the groups.
Marian for being with her group and taking the photos.
Loli for lending me the bunny costume.
Jose Mª for being patient because we were late to the next lesson.


Ángeles. said...

Gracias teacher por organizar e levar a cabo estos xogos colaborativos entre distintas etapas. Daba gusto ver como os nenos e nenas de primaria trataban con tanto cuidado e cariño aos de infantil.Que responsables! Graciñas a tod@s.

Teachers said...

Thank you Angeles for your comment! Que gusto da cando ves que os maiores colaboran e se implican e que disfrutan vendo que aos mais pequenos pasalo ben. Menos mal que todo saiu estupendamente (ou eso creo)!