Friday, 28 October 2011


On these days we did a lot of activities:

In all the levels we sing songs,act,colour pictures,learn a lot of vocabulary,...
Pre-primary act the songs and made some crafts.
Primary 1 and 2 ate ghosts and spiders. Primary 6 prepared these scary food for them. They said: DELICIOUS!
Primary 3 made "ghosts" for the pre-primary kids. They gave them to the kids on Friday and they sang a song to them too.
Primary 4 watched a film: Winnie the witch and they sang her songs.
Primary 5 and 6 made a game "trick or treat". They got a card out of a pumpkin. If it was trick they had to do an action. If it was treat they had a candy, yummy!
Primary 5 colour the poster Marian did about Halloween. Thank you Marian! You are an artist.

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