Thursday, 3 June 2010


On these days we did some special activities with pre-primary children.
With 4-years-old kids we made a delicious cake. It´s very easy and they liked very much.If you want to make it this is the recipe:
* one bag of sponge fingers (unha bolsa de bizcoitos de soletilla)
* one tin of whipped cream (un bote de nata montada)
* one little tin of pineapple and one little tin of peach (un bote pequeno de piña e un de melocotón)
First you wet the sponge fingers in the peach syrup and put them in a tray or bowl.
Them you add the cream and finally you add the pineapple and peach.It´s easy, isn't it?
With the 5-years-old kids we went for a picnic. We had a big basket (Thank you Jose Mª because the basket belongs to our museum. It was perfect) and we put a tablecloth, napkins, glasses and spoons. We prepared some sandwiches, and we cut fruit (peach and pineapple). We put them in the basket and a melon, cherries and little cheese too.
Time for a picnic! We went to the playground and we ate ... Delicious food!

Now you can look at the photos:

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