Monday, 19 April 2010


Our planet is the Earth. It is our home. We have to take care of it! April 22 is Earth Day ... Think about the Earth and think about you. How can you help the Earth?
Our planet is having problems so the more ecologist you are , the better.
Here you've got some ideas to help our planet:

- Don't throw rubbish to the ground, rivers, ...

- Turn off the tap and save water.

- Switch off the lights.

- Ride your bike.

- Remember the three "R":

• Reduce - reduce the amount of things you buy and use and you will have less to throw away.
• Reuse - keep using the same things as many times as you can.
• Recycle - find new ways to use old things.

Look at this beautiful book and its characters while you're thinking about Earth. Click on the photo:

Thank you to Samoga en casa for this great resource.

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